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Early breach warning and advanced threat detection system Honeypot-as-a-Service

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Amazing Features

Gain Complete Visibility and Control Over Your Network Security

Early Attack Detection

Honeypots designed to detect attackers long before they can cause significant damage, giving you the opportunity to respond proactively.

Customizable Honeypots

Create custom honeypots to mimic your organization's unique environment and attract targeted attacks.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Easily manage your honeypots and view real-time threat activity through our intuitive dashboard.

Secure Networks with AI Honeypots

Our honeypots use AI to imitate real operating systems, providing advanced network security and reducing risk.

Instant Alerts

Receive real-time notifications and alerts as soon as a threat actor engages with your honeypot.

CVE-Based Templates

Choose from a range of honeypot templates based on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Multi-Layered Defense

Deploy multiple honeypots across different areas of your network to provide a layered defense against cyber attacks.

Realistic Services and Traffic

Create honeypots that mimic real services and traffic to attract authentic threat activity and improve your detection capabilities.

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NeroSwarm's Honeypot Services

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NeroSwarm: Honeypot Services for Threat Tracking and Trapping

Choose from our physical hardware or Docker-based honeypots to enhance your security

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A smart Honeypot: Emulate Any Open Port and Act as Any Device

NeroSwarm's AI-powered Honeypot solution is a powerful tool that enables you to emulate any open port and act as any device, from Windows or Linux servers to services like FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS with SSL self-signed certificates, LDAP, MySQL, Telnet, SNMP, SIP, VNC, Redis, Remote Desktop (RDP), DNS, PostgreSQL, and many more. With real time alerting capabilities, you'll receive notifications via email, Discord, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and TheHive whenever a threat actor attempts to connect to your honeypot.

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Comprehensive Dashboard and Analytics

NeroSwarm offers a comprehensive dashboard with advanced analytics to help you gain valuable insights into the threats targeting your organization. Get real-time statistics of all your honeypots. These insights help you make informed decisions on how to strengthen your organization's cybersecurity and protect against future attacks. In addition, the solution allows for easy integration with your favorite SIEM platforms, such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, or Syslog, by forwarding logs directly to these systems.

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3 More Reasons to Choose NeroSwarm's Honeypot Services

If you're not convinced yet, here are some more reasons to choose NeroSwarm.

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Secure Networks with AI Honeypots for Highly Effective Threat Detection

Our honeypots use AI to imitate real operating systems, providing advanced network security and highly effective threat detection. NeroSwarm Honeypot is designed to detect attackers before they can cause significant damage, with nearly zero false positives. You can trust that when you receive a notification from NeroSwarm, it's a genuine threat. Our honeypot can emulate any open port and act as any device, such as a Windows or Linux server, providing a versatile and effective threat detection tool.

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Easy to Use and Manage

Setting up and managing NeroSwarm Honeypot is a breeze. The setup process is straightforward and takes only three minutes. Once your honeypots are up and running, the NeroSwarm dashboard provides you with useful statistics, including average attack duration, most targeted port, and number of attacks over the last seven days. NeroSwarm Honeypot is a security product designed to give you peace of mind, not headaches.

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Transparent and Affordable Pricing

NeroSwarm Honeypot offers transparent and affordable pricing. For an annual subscription of $480, you get access to the console, the ability to customize your honeypot, and all support, maintenance, and upgrades. You can also generate a no-commitment quote online and schedule a demo to see how NeroSwarm Honeypot can help you protect your network without breaking the bank.

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