Have Questions About NeroSwarm?

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about NeroSwarm Honeypot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeroSwarm Honeypot?

NeroSwarm Honeypot is a security product designed to detect attackers before they can cause significant damage. It allows you to create and manage honeypots that are designed to look and act like their namesake and host realistic services.

How does NeroSwarm Honeypot work?

NeroSwarm Honeypot works by deploying fake servers throughout your network that are designed to look and act like real services. When an attacker encounters a NeroSwarm honeypot, the services on offer are designed to solicit further investigation, at which point they’ve betrayed themselves, and your honeypot notifies you of the incident. This way, you can detect and respond to attacks before they can cause significant damage.

What are the benefits of using NeroSwarm Honeypot?

Using NeroSwarm Honeypot has several benefits, including easy and fast setup, no ongoing maintenance, minimal false positives, and the ability to detect attackers before they can cause significant damage. NeroSwarm Honeypot also provides transparent and straightforward pricing, as well as a dashboard for managing Honeypots and handling incidents.

What types of honeypots does NeroSwarm offer?

Currently, NeroSwarm offers both Docker-based honeypots and hardware devices that can be easily plugged into your network.

Is NeroSwarm Honeypot easy to set up?

Yes, whether you choose the hardware-based device that only requires plugging in or the Docker-based image that can be deployed with a single command.

How does NeroSwarm utilize AI in its operation?

At NeroSwarm, we leverage AI technology to emulate various operating systems, creating a realistic environment that tricks attackers into believing they are interacting with genuine systems. Our AI-powered emulation captures and records every action performed by attackers, providing valuable insights for threat analysis and response. By combining AI and emulation, NeroSwarm offers enhanced detection capabilities and a comprehensive understanding of attacker behavior.

How does NeroSwarm Honeypot alert me to an incident?

At present, NeroSwarm Honeypot notifies you via email, Discord, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and TheHive although additional services may be added in the future.

What SIEM platforms does NeroSwarm integrate with?

NeroSwarm Honeypot integrates with popular SIEM platforms such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, and Syslog. This allows you to forward honeypot logs directly to your preferred platform for analysis and correlation with other security events.

What services can NeroSwarm Honeypot emulate?

NeroSwarm Honeypot can emulate various services including FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS with SSL self-signed certificates, LDAP, MySQL, Telnet, SNMP, SIP, VNC, Redis, Remote Desktop (RDP), DNS, PostgreSQL, NTP, GIT, and TFTP. Additionally, NeroSwarm is continuously expanding its service offerings, and more services will be added in the future to enhance your network protection.