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Have Questions About NeroSwarm?

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about NeroSwarm Honeypot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeroSwarm Honeypot?

NeroSwarm Honeypot is an advanced security solution centered around deception technology and designed to detect attackers before they can cause significant damage. It allows you to create and manage honeypots that are designed to look and act like their namesake and host realistic services.

How does NeroSwarm Honeypot use deception?

NeroSwarm Honeypot leverages the power of deception by strategically placing fake servers throughout your network. These deceptive entities are meticulously crafted to emulate real services, enticing attackers to interact with them. Once an attacker engages with a NeroSwarm honeypot, the deceptive services prompt further exploration, ultimately exposing the threat. Your honeypot then promptly notifies you, enabling you to detect and respond to potential attacks proactively, preventing significant damage.

What are the benefits of using NeroSwarm Honeypot?

Using NeroSwarm Honeypot has several benefits, including easy and fast setup, no ongoing maintenance, minimal false positives, and the ability to detect attackers before they can cause significant damage. NeroSwarm Honeypot also provides transparent and straightforward pricing, as well as a dashboard for managing Honeypots and handling incidents.

How much does NeroSwarm Honeypot cost?

NeroSwarm Honeypot costs $600 per year for each decoy. Enjoy flexible customization options with no additional costs or contracts. For example, 10 decoys will cost $6000 per year.

What types of honeypots does NeroSwarm offer?

Currently, NeroSwarm offers both Docker-based honeypots and hardware devices that can be easily plugged into your network.

Is NeroSwarm Honeypot easy to set up?

Yes, whether you choose the hardware-based device that only requires plugging in or the Docker-based image that can be deployed with a single command.

Can NeroSwarm Honeypot be deployed externally or is it for internal use only?

NeroSwarm Honeypot is versatile in its deployment capabilities, allowing for both external and internal deployment. The choice of deployment depends on your specific security needs and firewall configuration. External deployment is particularly useful for security researchers looking to collect data on the latest malware trends, while internal deployment is effective for businesses aiming to detect and mitigate system intrusions efficiently.

What OS and Specs are recommended for deploying NeroSwarm Docker images on a VM Server?

Our Docker images can be deployed on any system, provided Docker is installed. This includes both Windows and any Linux distribution. In terms of specifications, our honeypots are designed to be highly resource-efficient. They require minimal resources, so a server with just 1GB of RAM and 5GB of HDD space is more than enough to effectively run our honeypots. This makes them suitable for a wide range of systems, ensuring ease of deployment and management.

How does NeroSwarm utilize AI for deception?

NeroSwarm harnesses AI technology to meticulously emulate various operating systems, crafting a lifelike environment that deceives attackers into believing they are engaging with authentic systems. Our AI-powered emulation captures and records every action performed by attackers, delivering invaluable insights for thorough threat analysis and response. Through the synergy of AI and emulation, NeroSwarm provides advanced detection capabilities and a comprehensive understanding of attacker behavior.

How does NeroSwarm Honeypot alert me to an incident?

At present, NeroSwarm Honeypot notifies you via email, Discord, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and TheHive although additional services may be added in the future.

What SIEM platforms does NeroSwarm integrate with?

NeroSwarm Honeypot integrates with popular SIEM platforms such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, and Syslog. This allows you to forward honeypot logs directly to your preferred platform for analysis and correlation with other security events.

What services can NeroSwarm Honeypot emulate?

NeroSwarm Honeypot can emulate various services, strategically employing deception to mimic FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS with SSL self-signed certificates, LDAP, MySQL, Telnet, SNMP, SIP, VNC, Redis, Remote Desktop (RDP), DNS, PostgreSQL, NTP, GIT, TFTP, POP3, and IMAP. The deception techniques used by NeroSwarm enhance your network protection by attracting and detecting authentic threat activity. Additionally, NeroSwarm is continuously expanding its service offerings, with a focus on deception, to further fortify your defenses against evolving cyber threats.